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Is this a blow off the top?

August 27, 2020

Hey Market Pilots,Wednesday was a very interesting day. Seemingly out of nowhere many tech names absolutely exploded and went straight up for the day. Maybe this was based on CRM having good earnings, because CRM was added to the DIA and that was some sort of bat signal to the rest of tech, or maybe everyone decided to front-run Jerome Powell’s address Thursday about how they are viewing inflation. Whatever the case may be, and we will know more by the time you read this, it doesn’t appear to be … Read more

The Zombie Market

August 24, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, When the SPY broke out from its range at the beginning of August, there was a lot of energy behind it and the internals supported the move. As price approached its double top, momentum slowed as that is a natural resistance area and few traders are willing to buy the new highs. The internals began to weaken, we got one quick move down on the 11th, and since then the SPY has been like the living dead. I feel that the term Zombie Market is pretty accurate … Read more

Waiting is the hardest part

August 20, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, There are a few times of the stock market year that are historically poor for taking trades whether it be long or short. These times tend to bookend summer as traders like to get out of the house or office and hit the summer outdoor activities or take the family on vacation. I am sure we are all familiar with the old adage ‘sell in May and go away’ where the notion is that summer has arrived and the big money is now in the Hamptons. This … Read more

How to adapt with market changes

August 17, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Every successful trader has a process or method that allows them to take money out of the market in a fairly consistent way, and while that method may be excellent, it probably won’t work in every market environment. When the market changes, it’s important to remember that and subsequently assess the effectiveness of your strategy with the current market. If it isn’t effective, you can wait and ride it out: being patient for just the right opportunities which may be significantly fewer and farther between… Or alternatively, … Read more

Is the market lying to us?

August 13, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, I love divergences. Sometimes they are positive, sometimes they are negative. I look for divergences with my Moxie Indicator to help me get in and out of a trade, and I use divergences between other metrics to help determine overall market sentiment. But the major divergence I am looking at right now may be indicating that the market’s push higher this week could be a trap and there might be a sinkhole forming right underneath. In this case, I am referencing volatility to tell me the truth … Read more

A gain with RIOT

August 10, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, The last few days have been amazing. Not only did I have my second best trading day with an $80,000 gain in a single day, I also got to spend Saturday with traders who were eager to learn. August 8th was the day of my Moxie Class, COVID edition, where I spent five hours teaching a large group of traders who find my style of trading appealing and insightful. It is beyond rewarding to know that the years of struggle I had trying to learn how to … Read more

My best year in the market

August 6, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Yesterday I had my second webinar and usually it is the same as the first one since there isn’t a lot that changes in a week. Well, this time is different! On Monday the 3rd I had my second best trading day of the year (out of three exceptional days so far) and pocketed $80K in one day. The best part of this is that the Moxie subscribers got to partake in the gains as well.  2020 has been bonkers, and for me what makes it even … Read more

Divergences between sectors

August 3, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Last week was challenging. Mostly because there were events which threw confusion and unpredictable movements into the market. Earnings season is always chaotic as investors wait for news which will guide them until the next report and beyond, which during COVID-19, is a big question mark. On top of that, we had the FOMC report and as I have said in the past “It’s not the day of FOMC that matters, it’s the next day”. That was true once again this week. Then this is where we … Read more

Which mattress company can fluff your account?

July 30, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Thank you to those of you who could make it to my webinar last night! It was a great turn out.I not only showcased how I made $100K in one day on my favorite Trampoline setup, I also showed that a mattress company, Sleep Number (SNBR), has easily moved well over 100% since the lows. If you were unable to attend last night’s webinar you can catch the replay here. Today, I want to follow up from that idea and show another mattress company that also has … Read more

How I look at inverses

July 27, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, I think most of us are geared and trained to trade to the long side. Meaning our eyes are most attuned to seeing bottoming and reversal patterns. We may be great at getting out at the top of a move, but perhaps we lack the ability to short when the time comes. I am not a big fan of going short anyway, so my way around this is to go long… long on an inverse ETF. An inverse EFT is a ticker that mimics another ETF but … Read more


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