How much money do I need to get started?

TG’s system does not require much capital at all. TG trades stocks under $100, which is all you need to put on a trade!

What’s the best time to execute Moxie trades?

TG is an end-of-day trader and will place most of his trades in the last hour of the market.

How will I know which stocks to trade?

TG will include his suite of scans, so you’ll have setups for everything!

What platforms can I use the Moxie Indicator™ on?

The Moxie Indicator™ is available on the ThinkorSwim Platform only.

Would I need any other courses and indicators afterwards?

The Moxie strategy is a standalone strategy and does not require other Simpler indicators and courses.

What if I want more support after the class is over?

TG is regularly available via his Moxie Indicator™ Mastery program where you can get all of his Moxie trades. You can also find him in the Simpler Central room and Simpler Essentials room.

Can I trade this in my IRA?

Yes. You can trade this in your IRA, and TG does so as well.

Can I trade options?

Yes. TG’s goal is to determine when to enter strong directional trades and when to get out of them. Therefore you can apply your own options strategy around TG’s trade setup.

What kind of trades can I expect?

TG’s style is to find energetic directional swing trades. He aims for a minimum 10% move and frequently gets 20 - 50% moves.

Can I trade futures or forex?

Yes. The moving averages TG trades off may need to be adjusted since there are more hours in the day for those products. The trading principles TG teaches still apply, but there may be more noise because of the extra trading hours.


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