Golden Opportunity For Your 401K?

We all know the market does well after corrections. It has been said there are great opportunities after bear markets, which are really just bigger and longer corrections. So, is this a great time to think about your 401K? Click here to see the 2023 Bull/Bear Market Update from March … Read more

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Market Breadth Fanning Out

Many stocks have been over the 21 Simple Moving Average (SMA). The market finally woke on Friday, and breadth looks much better. Now that we have more broad-based action in the market let’s see where it leads us. Become a member of the Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program, and don’t miss … Read more

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AI Fizzle

The Nvidia (NVDA) and Inc (AI) pops we got last week sent the semiconductor sector into overdrive. That made for some very extended names going into earnings. Can they last? Well, let’s look at a few that just reported and see what the damage is like. Become a member … Read more

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Was Today A Great Dip Buy?

According to NVDA and SOXX, Wednesday was the day to buy the dip. NVDA is up over 26% after reporting significant earnings on Wednesday after the bell. As usual, there are many names with sympathy moves happening. Yes, the markets are shaky, but they aren’t going down, so what exactly … Read more

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Long Term Setups Starting To Bloom

The market looks positive this week as we wait to hear from the Fed on the debt ceiling situation. Taking a step back, It has been a challenging year for most stocks. But part of that is because they had no direction. Most of them were hibernating after getting destroyed … Read more

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It Was All About the Debt Ceiling

The SPY finally broke out yesterday on news that House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he is hopeful they will reach an agreement on the debt ceiling deal by Sunday. We all knew they would, but they have to play the game. The market started to break the trend … Read more

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Market Melting Up

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) report had the market on a spin cycle on Wednesday but ended at the highs. The market is being supported by narrow breadth. Apparently, that is enough to keep the market rising despite neutral internals. The market started lower on Thursday and continues its sideways … Read more

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Clue For Next Market Direction

Let’s take a step back and review other countries ‘ETFs to get an idea of what the rest of the market is thinking. Using my Moxie Indicator, I’ll show you a moving average trick that I use to help determine which way the price could go. We must be aware … Read more

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FOMC Hawkish

On Wednesday, May 3rd, we had the FOMC event and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s Q&A session. They changed some wording from the previous statement, but he remained fairly hawkish. He did not say they would pause with interest rate hikes yet. He only stated they would be data-dependent. Let’s … Read more

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Indexes Strong Participation Poor

Looking at the monthly time frames of the major indexes, you would think we are in a pretty strong market. While a few names have done well, support is not broad-based, and breadth is poor. So will participation start to get better eventually, or will the indexes succumb to the … Read more

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