Markets Behaving Well

Markets are behaving well and continue to do so as better economic news emerges. Inflation keeps winding down, and the JOLTS shows fewer job openings. While the Fed may still raise rates a little, the market seems okay with that and has probably priced it in. Moxie members and I … Read more

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Breakout On Cooler CPI

The market had already looked great, especially the IWM and its flag. Then the cooler CPI reading came out, and the IWM is breaking out in earnest. It’s a great time to be in the market, so join me in the Moxie Indicator Trading Room for upcoming opportunities.

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Market Resting But Still Strong

While the $SPY and $QQQ are a bit extended and taking a breather. IWM looks poised to lead next after resting for a couple weeks but it hasn’t exhausted itself at all. In fact, IWM looks like it’s about ready to go. This could mean that the market is broadening … Read more

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Market Digesting

The market has been very overbought over the last couple of weeks. Currently, it is pulling back and is taking a well-deserved break. This looks pretty orderly so far, and we just need to wait it out and build a list of possible tickers that look ready for the next … Read more

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Slow Pullback Day

Markets continue to work themselves lower from being overbought. Let’s see if we continue lower and finally pull back. I hope everyone had a good Father’s Day weekend. Let’s step away from the messy market and look at some airplane and classic car pics from the weekend. Become a member … Read more

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Bitcoin Pop

While the market has been rising, Bitcoin had been falling… until Friday. There was a surge in price on big volume and some of the miners noticed. Let’s see what to do about it. Click here to watch (and read) the summary of my follow-up from the March 1st Market Update … Read more

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Getting Frothy

The markets are going vertical, and it’s been a fun ride… But caution is warranted here. The Volatility Index (VIX) has stopped going down which implies traders are starting to hedge. This is because they see the froth too. I followed up on my March 1st Market Update webinar with … Read more

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Small Caps Fire Moxie Long

Since the indexes hit their lows in October, the market has been in a narrow range with poor breadth. That means only a few of the most significant stocks kept the market up. Recently, we have had signs that breadth is spreading out, and the small caps are starting to … Read more

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Golden Opportunity For Your 401K?

We all know the market does well after corrections. It has been said there are great opportunities after bear markets, which are really just bigger and longer corrections. So, is this a great time to think about your 401K? Click here to see the 2023 Bull/Bear Market Update from March … Read more

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Market Breadth Fanning Out

Many stocks have been over the 21 Simple Moving Average (SMA). The market finally woke on Friday, and breadth looks much better. Now that we have more broad-based action in the market let’s see where it leads us. Become a member of the Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program, and don’t miss … Read more

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