Finally Seeing Tickers Pullback A Bit

The market has been amazingly strong for the whole month of November, but we started to see signs of negative divergences over the last week or so. Now, we can see that lack of momentum and strength start to show in some of the megacaps. I am leaning towards a … Read more

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Is USO About To Move Up?

I don’t often look at the energy sector, but some notable items have come to my attention. In today’s video, I share with you what I see and what to look for if you want to be bullish on the oil and energy sector. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins From … Read more

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Strong Tickers From the Moxie Room

Don’t forget! Markets are closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving, and Friday closes early. Since the market has turned around, let me show you some of the strong names we have been trading in the Moxie Indicator Trading Room. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins From now until December 1st, get 30% … Read more

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The Put/Call Was Spring Loaded

When I gave my presentation at the Orlando Money Show over Halloween weekend, most people were frustrated with the market and wondering when the down draft would end or if the market would implode. I had a few critical points in my presentation, one of which was about the Put/Call … Read more

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Can Participation broaden out?

With the Megacaps leading the way from the FOMC and earnings season, I am looking around to see if this is a green light to the rest of the market or if it will only be the safe haven of the big names that carry the market. Your Profit Pilot, … Read more

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The Cramer Call

RIP SOFI. Or at least that’s the joke since Cramer picked SOFI as what he thinks will be a winner. So, let’s check it out and see what the market thinks. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins Click here to become a Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program member and receive my daily … Read more

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Earnings Bonanza

In addition to the market short-squeezing, many names popped on earnings. It’s nice to see, and maybe we have a change in the market form, but it didn’t provide legitimate setups for most traders. This is because most of those stocks were in downtrends until the event of earnings changed … Read more

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Market Up Big, But Why?

FOMC was yesterday. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was as neutral as he could possibly be, which seems to have calmed down the bond market. As long as TLT stops going down, and TNX stops going up, the market can catch its breath. Will it last? If you are in … Read more

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Can the Bonds Bounce?

The market has been very unhappy with the falling TLT and rising TNX… But have they gone so far as to get too extreme? Let me show you what I am seeing. If the bonds can change course, even for a little while, maybe the market can catch its “breadth”. … Read more

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NKE Short Take Two

Often, the market makes things difficult for you, which means you get stopped out… But you know the setup is good. It is just a matter of time and noise until the setup gets going. Our NKE short this week was a perfect example of that, where the algos could … Read more

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