Was Friday Capitulation?

The market has been nose-diving for a few weeks, and we saw what might be a capitulation day on Friday. We won’t know for sure until more time passes, but I see some of the clues that say it could be. Let’s keep watching and see if it pans out … Read more

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Bounce? What Bounce?

The market has been super heavy for going on two weeks now, and still no signs of when this will get resolved. The internals have all cycled back down, and the Put/Call ratio keeps climbing. We will have to be patient here if you are long only. Right now is … Read more

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Might Bounce This Week

The market has been pulling back for over a week, and many names are getting really oversold. A lot of indicators have cycled down as well. With the SPY coming into the Daily 50 SMA, I would look for a bounce. But be wary. I am only looking for a … Read more

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Consistent Moxie Patterns

Today I show you two identical patterns on two charts and two-time frames. See if you can say that 5 times fast. They happened to be bearish since the market has been pulling back, but the Moxie rules worked out beautifully on them. Check out two trades I’m in with … Read more

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Looking For That First Bounce

As the market continues to correct, I am looking for that first area of support where we can get a more substantial bounce. The internals look like they are getting ready to support an attempt, but the real question of market strength will be after that bounce. Will the market … Read more

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The Pullback Has Started

It’s been at least a week in the making, but the pullback that I thought would happen late last week showed up in the middle of this week due to the Fitch downgrade of the US from AAA to AA+. That news just greased the wheels of what we have … Read more

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Strength Beneath The Surface

The indexes are slowing down as they are in overbought territory, but beneath the surface, there continues to be a plethora of strong movers. Watch the video above for a possible trade setup on AMD. Also, check out my most recent trade below in VSTO using the Moxie Indicator! Be … Read more

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Market Still Happy Despite Rate Raise

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announcement was yesterday, Wednesday, July 26th. The Fed raised interest rates by another 25 basis points (BPS). This was expected, and the market seems just fine with it. What Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in the Q&A was also apparently satisfying to the … Read more

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Buy The Rumor/Sell The FOMC?

The FOMC is this Wednesday, and they are slated to raise rates by another 25 BPS. The market looks pretty okay with this, as it has been rallying for weeks. The market is starting to get to a point where it seems too hot and overbought, and that makes me … Read more

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Pullback in Action

We have been expecting the pullbacks that are happening in the market. Now, we make sure things don’t go too far with individual positions. Then, we keep an eye out for names that are coming into support. This is a good time to go through your bigger watchlists and see … Read more

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