Bitcoin: Sell The News

The SPY bounced off its daily 21 EMA (exponential moving average), but that put it into what I call an Inverse Trampoline move on the Hourly chart, which is not a bullish condition. We have been waiting for it to pull back, and we finally got it today! In addition, … Read more

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Tickers Like Anything But Red

If you think of the SPY as a traffic signal with Red, Yellow, and Green, you can understand how other tickers will behave during certain periods. Strong tickers will not pull back much when the SPY is red and going down. Most tickers will at least try to move up … Read more

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The Harsh Reality Of Trading

Trading is risky. But what does that look like? Today, I will show you that unexpected news can knock down a stock, and it is an unfortunate surprise when you wake up some mornings. This is a great example of why you don’t put all your accounts into a single … Read more

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2020 Vibes Going Into 2024

The market is now back to previous all-time highs and is broadly supported. No longer is it just the big 7 stocks supporting the market; it’s the small caps, too. We have seen an explosion in growth names, meaning our trading has loved the activity. I’m getting excited for what … Read more

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Liquidation Break

The market dropped yesterday, but we knew something like that was coming. In this video, I will show you the post I sent to the Moxie Traders the day before the drop, warning that something like that was soon to happen. I am still bullish on the market, but I … Read more

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How Low Can The P/C Go?

The Put/Call Ratio broke in 2020 when the Fed dumped money into the market. They aren’t doing that now, but a lot of money is sitting on the sidelines that could come pouring in similarly. Let’s look at previous examples where the P/C stayed low for longer. Keep up with … Read more

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FOMC Bonanza!

The market exploded after Powell spoke during the FOMC event yesterday. This is on top of a 5-week bull run that got everything pegged to the long side. Can this last? Let’s find out. Click here to become a Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program member! Receive my daily analysis and join … Read more

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Equal Weight Indexes Took The Lead

We have the FOMC this week, so prepare for some wild moves on Wednesday. The market expects no change, but we know it’s about what Powell will say. I then show you the difference in weighted index ETFs and what they say about the strength and participation of the market. … Read more

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Circling Back to XOP

Last week, I made a video pointing out XOP and saying something might be building there. So, let’s get back to it and see what happened. Check out my newsletter from last week, where I broke down my trade idea on XOP. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins

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Uber Gets Added to S&P

Today, UBER is up on top of an already strong move because they will be added to the S&P 500 instead of PLTR. We will also look at crypto and its strong move. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins Click here to become a Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program member and receive … Read more

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