Market Gave It Up Going Into The Weekend

Being able to dance with the market and adjust when it gives you a different answer is key to surviving in this business. Last week, I wanted to see SPY hold certain levels and moving averages, but that didn’t happen. I took note of it and made changes. The luxury … Read more

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Market Weak Despite Oversold Internals

We got the bounce I wanted last week and then some chop, which should have resolved to the upside by now if this market were stronger. The internals are very bearish, but if no one steps in to buy, they can stay bearish, too. This month, I will join over … Read more

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Predictable Moves Worked Perfectly

The last couple of weeks have been great for us in the Moxie Indicator trading room as we caught the several-day move off of the lows. After that, we hedged the pullback. Now, the market is back up in just the manner I was looking for. It’s great when things … Read more

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Called the low, waiting for next dip

The last few days have been active in the Moxie Indicator group as we navigated the low of the market well and into this week’s pop. Now, we are waiting for the next little dip for buying opportunities. Don’t miss out; join the fun in my Moxie Mastery room. This … Read more

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Can the market shake off the news?

The market is pulling back today partly because of the news of Israel getting attacked and partly from a technical standpoint. We will have to keep an eye on the new conflict and see how much the market will be affected by it. This month, I will join over 75+ … Read more

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Oil Finally rolling over after XOP

A couple of weeks ago, I told our subscribers that XOP was risky to the long side and that it was not wise to be in. Sure enough, it rolled over. I expected USO to do the same, but it pushed up a little longer, only to succumb to the … Read more

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Sneak Peek into Crypto Call

In today’s newsletter, I showcase an excerpt from the weekly video I put out on Sunday, October 1st to the Moxie Mastery members. I point out the crypto space and how it looked like there was going to be a move. Sure enough, cryptos are one of the strongest areas … Read more

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Day Trading With Moxie

The Moxie Indicator trading method is what I call fractal, meaning the same setups and methods I use to swing trade on higher time frames can be used on the lower time frames for day trading. Let me show you an example from yesterday. Keep up to date with some … Read more

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Similar Weekly Patterns Showing Up

While the market has been weak for nearly two months at this point, let’s step back and examine the higher time frames of some notable tickers. It’s always wise to be aware of the greater context of the market, and I am seeing some consistent patterns I want to show … Read more

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Moxie Example TSLA Wasn’t Ready

Welcome to the day after FOMC, where the market has decided to throw a tantrum. As for TSLA, it was a wild day due to some Musk comments that got it jacked up for the day, and then FOMC pulled it back down. While I was on the mic yesterday, … Read more

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