Celebrate Memorial Day

Hey Market Pilots,

This weekend is a longer one as we get to celebrate on Memorial Day and remember those who have served our country. I hope the weather is nice for you to take some time and enjoy the beautiful landscape this country has and what it is we strive for daily. 

I come from a long line of men who have served. Both my grandfathers and my dad were in the U.S. Air Force and my uncle was in the U.S. Navy. This weekend I will be spending quality time with my dad flying around the Washington State area as this is our favorite recreational activity together.

His time in the Air Force was spent as a T-38 flight instructor and I have been his longest student. (Will I ever graduate?) My dad also grew up flying with his father, which makes me look toward the future so I can pass it along to my eventual child. I am grateful for what he has done to provide for me. I am also grateful for the work all of my family members have done in the armed forces to protect this nation and make it a place worth fighting for in all we do.

I am sure many of you are connected to someone, either currently or in the past, who has served this country. This is the weekend we think of them, thanking them for their service, dedication, and sacrifices. Take it easy, step away from the markets, come back refreshed, and we will get back into the grind when the BBQ cools off.

Your Profit Pilot, TG


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