Good Setups Need Good Entries

Hey Market Pilots,

Timing is pretty important in trading. I am sure it is even more important when dealing with options since they have a specific time value associated with them. Either way, you can be right about a trend or the overall performance of a stock, but if you enter or exit at the wrong time your returns can be hampered.

This is something I had to deal with last week. I could see the kind of patterns and formations setting up on the weekly time frame for my style of trading. But the development of these patterns meant I knew that price was going to go down. My job was to figure out the exact moment they would stop going down and find support for a clean entry. I have rules for this that I can spell out, but the market doesn’t always care about those rules and the market can chop while I try to implement those rules.

I started getting into a handful of positions, but I was early and the market pulled back which put pressure on the setups I was targeting. Some held up better than others, and most are net positive now that the market’s downward pressure has been alleviated. I would have saved myself some headaches if I had waited just a little longer for the charts to set up more robustly. It can be a test of willpower to hold off when you see your setup developing and want in.

I often refer to stock trading like hunting. The ability to wait for just the right moment even though the animal is within distance is something I think about before I take a trade. Yes, price is doing what I want and is in the area, but is it ideal, and will it be the best possible opportunity? Or am I just rushing the pull of the trigger? Patience is difficult in these moments but is necessary even if it takes days for the setup to be just right.

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