Stock Trading Is Like The Wild West

Hey Market Pilots,

Stock trading is an interesting profession we choose. We know all the perksㅡ wealth, no boss, freedom to work when you want, etc. But it is also one of the crazier professions we could try and get into.

The market is definitely neurotic and probably one of the last places where wild west shenanigans can take place and it’s still accepted. Sometimes the market can be a thing of beauty and work out exactly as planned. But oftentimes it’s an erratic mess of price movement that is hard to make sense of. This is made even more difficult by the fact that computers and algorithms now comprise most of the order flow. 

Learning to trade is extremely challenging, risky, and a place you can lose a lot of money. It will frustrate you to no end and make you feel like you are crazy as it pulls your emotions, and bank account, around. Yet we are still drawn to it.

The allure of fast money, big money, and never-ending opportunities pull us in despite the risks. The rush that comes with successful trades is heady and the feelings of accomplishment we get when our plan works are strong. I know that my best feelings are when the process and rules I have spent years defining, allow me to read the market like a book and squeeze out those green tickets I do all this work for.

On the other hand, however, it’s maddening when my rules don’t seem to work despite the setup. Most likely because I am missing something I can’t yet see that will of course be obvious given enough history. Recognizing when to not trade is a challenge in itself as it’s odd that the lack of doing something is actually the proper thing to do. Yet this is a very crucial skill.

So for all the crazy the market is and has us feel, there isn’t much else like it that is also open to just about anyone with two cents to rub together. Do you want to try your hand in the Wild West? You can and there is a very low barrier to entry, just know what you are getting into and enjoy the ride.

Your Profit Pilot, TG


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