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Free Public Trade Goes +210%

December 24, 2020

Hey Market Pilots,Back on November 30th, I gave a free webinar about the crazy gains my Moxie Subscribers made in a few sectors and then detailed out other sectors I thought would be lucrative veins to mine. At the end of the presentation, I touched on a little known stock about drones, calling it a sleeper stock. Today, we cashed in most of the position with a +210% gain and boy was that a fun ride. AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS) was the ticker symbol for that drone company. As I … Read more

Inverse Trampoline Follow Through

December 21, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Last week, the Inverse Trampoline setup worked out on the SPY. I wrote about this last week as a heads up that there would most likely be another pullback coming. There was a bit of a confluence this time as the 127 Fib was tagged and that’s where price got rejected. It was also quad witching day and that adds a lot of weird behavior to the market. Friday was no disappointment in that category as the indexes moved in their own directions most of the day, … Read more

Inverse Trampoline, Will it Matter?

December 17, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, In my last newsletter, I wrote about timing the pullback in the market. Within that, I wrote that the first bounce was the easy part and the difficult part was figuring out the path of the market after the bounce. We currently find ourselves at the junction, trying to figure out what is next. To further muddle the situation, the FOMC notes were released Wednesday afternoon and then quad witching is Friday. Both of these events can have significant effects on the market. Not always, but when … Read more

How to time a pullback

December 14, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, It’s said that you can’t time the market. I’d like to talk with those who say that and show them how I trade. Can I change their mind? You tell me. This week, we saw the market pullback, which was something I was warning about even the week prior. I could see the signs that begin to indicate the market and price are getting extended and likely in need of a refresh. Let me show you how the Moxie Indicator helped me see it coming. Here on … Read more

When to trade vs when to hold

December 10, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Usually, I’m a pretty active trader, but recently there have been many names out there which have given me significant signs that I should hold on for longer. So when and how do we decide to go from trading a stock to holding a stock longer term? For trading, it’s mostly about finding the little setups that move because of bounces or quiet periods that build energy and must release it. It’s like hunting for little rabbits and squirrels as they dart around, but really, you are … Read more

Longer time frames let you see the big picture

December 7, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, My favorite and most active time frame is the hourly chart, flanked by the Daily and 15 minute. This is where I spend most of my time and how I show my subscribers what I am doing. But it’s crucial to know the context and bigger picture, otherwise, you could be trading in a vacuum. Any time I look at a ticker, I always have the Monthly and Weekly charts up so I can see what’s going on from the bigger picture. This view tells me the … Read more

It’s OK to break up with tickers

December 3, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, November was an incredible month for me, my family, and my subscribers as we managed to grow our accounts anywhere from 20%, 50%, and even over 100% in just 12 trading days. Here is what some Moxie subscribers had to say… “@TG  fun is an understatement. Its unbelievable that you are able to catch these.. cannot be more happy to be part of this. I have been here only couple of months, but seeing the power of this only now.. Hope success continues for a long time. … Read more

Doubling my account in 12 days

November 30, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Today, I’m going to keep my writing to you short and to the point, because I’ll be hosting a free webinar tonight, 7:00 pm CT to further discuss the topic of this newsletter. It has been an incredible November with the market being fueled by real vaccine news. The risk-on type names started coming alive in big ways and I was well-positioned to take advantage of them. Those who subscribe to MoxieTrader were also along for the ride with their accounts growing on average 50% to 75% … Read more

56% Growth in nine days

November 23, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Sometimes in trading, a few days can make your whole year. In my case, and the Moxie Traders, it was only nine days. Those nine days provided me with +56%, +46%, and +38% account growth using only stocks. These are the kinds of returns that options traders look for, but I’m over here trading my accounts without leverage and still cranking out high percentage wins. In a typical year, I can usually double my account using just stock. With this gauge in mind, then you can see … Read more

Setups are aligning

November 19, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, In trading, we never know what the next trade will lead to because we simply don’t know the future. All we can do is take the setups we recognize and follow our rules. Last week I wrote about how the markets were shifting and setting up for perfect trading potential. This week, the Moxie Traders and I were more than pleasantly surprised by a massive move in a crypto-related stock known as RIOT. I am going to detail the trade setup, but this wasn’t done in a … Read more


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