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Happy Father’s Day

June 22, 2020

Hey Market Pilots,Yesterday was Father’s Day so I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about my dad and how he got me into trading. You all are reading this because my dad was the one who exposed me to the world of trading when I was small enough to sit on his lap (comfortably). I had some various paths over the years, but it was consistent reminders about trading stocks like this, “You should learn this for your own benefit,” that kept me coming back … Read more

Keep your powder dry

June 18, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Sometimes it is ok to do nothing in the market. In fact, Jesse Livermore said it was the waiting which made him the money; Waiting for a setup to form and waiting for a position to appreciate. And markets aren’t always clear. There can be chop during consolidation which makes entering a position treacherous or just a waste of time.  It can be challenging as a trader to be inactive, but it is a skill that must be learned. Overtrading is a real thing and we waste … Read more

Study the past for the future

June 15, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Our abilities as humans to recognize patterns, even if those patterns aren’t identical, is a profound ability. I use the example of a box to help elaborate on how we need to view market patterns. Imagine 100 packages arrive at your house. They all came in a box, right? But none of them were the same. Some of them may have had stickers, tape, rope, or a bashed corner. Some were long, some were wide, others big, or small. No matter the kind of box arrived, we … Read more

Less is more

June 11, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Making money trading stocks isn’t about knowing every possible setup nor taking every possible setup. It’s about finding the most reliable so that your wins are consistent, lower risk, or pay off in a big way. In my years of studying, I discovered a setup that I love for its reliability and energetic nature. I call it the trampoline set up for just that reason. Having a few setups that work well for you has the added benefit of skipping over all the other junk out there … Read more

Riding the sector rotation wave

June 8, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Last week I wrote about sector rotation; what it is, how to look for it, and where is it going now? The real key to taking advantage of sector rotation is being able to identify it early and then find the best names in that sector. With word about a possible Covid vaccine coming out and news about the economy opening back up, as seen by Las Vegas opening their doors, the new hot stocks were in travel, gaming, and retail. It took only a few days … Read more

Sector rotation

June 4, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Sector rotation. What exactly is it? The words seem simple enough to deduce what it means, but let’s take a deeper dive since we are right in the middle of one. As you may already know, the market is made up of different sectors. There are the semis, healthcare, REITs, materials, home builder, tech, small caps, big caps, retail just to name a few. There are a bunch of different sectors and some of the stocks find themselves in more than one sector.  As money moves around … Read more

When do divergences matter?

June 1, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, As the market climbs higher and higher, we continue to wonder just how long this can be sustained. Many of us have been proven wrong in the recent past when we tried to short the market but it just kept going up despite our indicators. Since then, I have directed our subscribers to be careful on the short side; To really only expect a short trade to be a reversion to the mean from an overbought rally. While this has been the case for quite some time, … Read more

Fish out of water

May 28, 2020

Often times trying to short a top or pinpoint the exact moment that price is going to roll over and start a new downtrend is extremely difficult. This is because tops are messy and bounce a lot as larger traders try to unload their shares and others are trying to continue the long run. Comparatively, bottoms tend to be specific points in time, quicker, or more decisive.  This can be seen rather easily in the months of trading from the COVID-19 meltdown. The low at the end of March was … Read more

Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, As a trader, I have grown accustomed to having access to my money and the ability to liquidate my positions at a moment’s notice. It’s a major factor in why I like trading as an investment vehicle. I don’t have to wait for someone to be interested in my property, worry if my investment goes out of style, or is at risk of water damage. But for two days a week I have to pause that accessibility while the world still turns.  In the grand scheme of … Read more

The digital money printer

May 21, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, The last week’s worth of market movement has been intense in both directions and driven based on two different statements from the same person: the Fed chairman, Jerome Powell. It began on May 12th when Powell said in an interview that the recovery of the economy was going to be longer and more difficult than they originally expected. I am sure most of us were thinking “duh, welcome to the real world.” The markets didn’t like this and sold off hard for nearly two full days. Interestingly, … Read more


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