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‘Tis not the season

November 2, 2020

Hey Market Pilots,On Friday we saw traders head for the exits as it appears nobody wanted to be invested over the weekend going into the election. We saw the market top on October 13th, but I was looking to see how well price might hold up as it was coming into support of a big prior price area. That view went out the window once the SPY price got rejected by the underside of the Hourly 50 SMA. That rejection was the start, or actually the second half, of the … Read more

When the setup is there

October 29, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, The market continues to be dragged down by several cross-currents of events and information. We have the election, earnings, COVID, and lack of Stimulus. All these items are making people not want to put money to work in the markets and therefore prices keep sliding. In previous newsletters I had been viewing the decline as a pullback, looking for support, to then maintain strength. This opinion of mine changed once the SPY ran into and got rejected by the underside of the Hourly 50 SMA. When that … Read more

Knowing when to try twice

October 26, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, Trading is tricky. If it weren’t, then it wouldn’t be so difficult to extract wealth from the market. But this is the reality of the market and we have to accept it and figure out ways around it. Part of that acceptance is to balance the risk of losing money with conviction of your setup and messiness of price movements. This is to say that a method for making money from the market is far from perfection and sometimes we have to try more than once to … Read more

Seeing strength, but when?

October 22, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, I am starting to see a common pattern arise out there in the market which is generally bullish, but it can also hold for a long time before it finally takes off. Many tickers out there did an amazing job running up in early October, and I view this as a great sign, especially since I was expecting all of October to be more ‘mushy’. I believe this has laid the groundwork for more strength in the future, but at this point, it probably really does have … Read more

My favorite setup on SPY

October 19, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, If this isn’t your first time coming across me as a trader, then you are probably familiar with my favorite setup which I call the Moxie Trampoline Move. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this move happens when price is below the 50 SMA but Moxie is over zero.  It has become my favorite because of its strength and reliability. So when the SPY gapped below the Hourly 50 SMA and Moxie was still over zero (the tried and true Trampoline configuration) I saw an opportunity, … Read more

Patience is a virtue

October 15, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, In this past trading cycle, I had two trades which behaved very similarly. Which is to say they did nothing until they suddenly did something. It is not often that I step into a position and have to wait for it to start working.  My style, thanks to the incredible timing properties of the Moxie Indicator, means that I get into a stock that is about to pop or has just begun a move. But when I got into Datadog (DDOG) and NIO they decided they wanted … Read more

Inverse Head and Shoulder

October 12, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, This week we saw a constructive bullish pattern workout in the markets known as an inverted head and shoulders. This market performance was able to play out despite the very chaotic news cycle of Trump with COVID and the hot potato known as the stimulus bill. I wrote previously that Trump’s recovery from COVID in a matter of days was actually a pretty good sign for both the pandemic and the economy. And now that the stimulus bill appears to be happening the markets are happy. In … Read more

COVID in the White House

October 8, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, The last few days have shown that we have to be prepared for anything to happen in 2020. Yes, there are only about 80 more days but with the rollercoaster of the COVID pandemic now reaching President Trump himself, why shouldn’t we expect aliens to visit too? Oh wait, they apparently did. Watching the various reactions of Trump getting COVID and apparently getting through it with relative ease has been an interesting experience in seeing how quickly paths can change. Now that we are past it and … Read more

Election day is one month away

October 2, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, I’m sure most of you are aware by now some major news broke last week: Trump tested positive for COVID. Clearly, this isn’t good news for anyone but his opponents. The market’s reaction was quickly negative but surprisingly contained as price held the overnight support and the Hourly 50 SMA. President Trump’s condition over the weekend has maintained and he even made a quick ride around the hospital for his supporters. Word has it that he may be released Monday, so basically, all news concerning Trump is … Read more

Learn from your mistakes

October 1, 2020

Hey Market Pilots, The Market has been a little challenging as of late and the ability to get chopped up or on the wrong side of it is a real possibility. Even I got caught up in the mess. While it was an uncomfortable position to be in, there were numerous learning opportunities I was able to pass along to my subscribers.So what did I learn?  Admittedly, I did get caught up in the initial bounce off the lows, starting about 9/25/20. But since that event and movement, I then … Read more


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