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Can The Market Bounce?

April 18, 2022

Hey Market Pilot,Since the market peaked in late March, I have called for the S&P 500 (SPY) to move to the daily 50 simple moving average (SMA). We have reached that area, and I gave the market the possibility that it could bounce at that support level. So far, price action has been very heavy, and buyers are not coming to the rescue. Below is a screenshot of the SPY, where you can see price sitting on the daily 50. One thing to note is that the daily 8 is … Read more

Correct Call In Bitcoin…

April 14, 2022

Hey Market Pilot,  Last month, I alerted the Moxie Indicator™ members about Bitcoin (GBTC, pictured below). At the time, I said that I was waiting to see if price would pull back into support.  The next day, I explained that I saw several names on my list acting similarly to GBTC by completing an “elf shoe” pattern (pictured below).  In the video above, I’ll explain… How the “elf shoe” pattern completed in GBTC How I correctly anticipated where GBTC’s price was heading Why I was able to anticipate the move … Read more

Trade With Conviction

April 11, 2022

Hey Market Pilot,  Earlier this month, I alerted the Moxie Indicator™ members of a short setup in Autonation (AN, pictured below). Although it took a few weeks, I was able to get out of my position for a nice 8.5% gain by the end. However, this win didn’t come without trials and tribulations. I had to ride out a fair amount of uncertainty and volatility during my time holding this position. That’s why I think it is essential to talk about “trading with conviction.” In this video posted above, I … Read more

All About Inverse Plays

April 7, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, This week the market is all about inverse trampoline moves – a revealing setup in price action. Using the S&P 500 (SPY) and Nasdaq (QQQ) as examples, I’ll point out this pattern on my charts. But what is an inverse trampoline move? It’s a market pattern that is comprised of two distinct characteristics: Price over the 50 SMA Moxie Indicator™ below zero In the video, I explain why I’m expecting price to pull back. I explore more examples in names like Apple (AAPL) and AutoNation (AN). More … Read more

Up Or Down?

April 4, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, This week, I’m looking for a pullback in the indexes and some major stocks. In the video (posted below) I show examples of how stocks are setting up similarly to the indexes. Then, I show recent tickers which have already formed the patterns I am projecting onto the indexes. Finally, to end the video, I do my best to anticipate what the markets want — whether it’s up or down. Your Profit Pilot, TG

Finding Market Direction…

March 31, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, We have seen wild swings in all directions over the last few weeks… Such action requires good traders to step back and analyze the “big picture” of market volatility. Right now, I’m looking for trends and patterns that will show me which way this market might sway. Check out this video (posted above) to see a deep-dive into my thoughts. What I’m seeing is the notion that the market feels like it wants to be bullish, but it will need to move down before it can go … Read more

Pullback To Retest Lows?

March 28, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, We had an energetic move higher over the last two weeks which started the day before the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and carried on past operating expenses (OPEX), partly due to a large amount of put options expiring. Much of the talk right now is about how strong this market is, or that a bottom has been put in. This may be true for the near term, but I don’t think the absolute low has been put in and we need to be cautious that … Read more

Bullish Or Bearish?

March 24, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, I think this week we are all wondering the same thing: Is the big move up the bullish sign we have been waiting for, or is it just a bounce in a downtrend and we should short it? We don’t quite know that answer yet, but I will give you a few things to be aware of so we can have a little bit of an edge as time goes on and the charts reveal the details.  The first thing I want to note is that the … Read more

Don’t Distract Yourself…

March 21, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, I use the phrase “not my trade” fairly often when my Moxie Indicator™ members ask me about stocks that moved and why I didn’t go in. Firstly, there are thousands of tickers out there moving in their own way, and I can only trade around 10 of them at a time. This means I am going to miss a majority of the moves that occur in the market. That’s ok and you need to be ok with it too otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. Some names … Read more

Use Correct Stops…

March 17, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, As a primarily end-of-day trader, there are often times in the middle of the day where I step away from the market. That is why a major component of my trading style involves setting stops. I do this with almost every trade I take in order to protect my account from unexpected action while I’m away. But how do you set them up correctly? While there are no defined “rules” for setting a stop, it does take a little bit of art, science, and personal preference to … Read more


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