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Eyes On UVXY

July 21, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, The market has been working its way upward as I detailed in the last video. This movement probably won’t be a smooth ride, or a fast one like some of the other short squeeze rallies we have seen, so we need to be okay with a choppy move higher. Perhaps that is why the UVXY (Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF) is staying tight despite the market moving up rather quickly the last few days. Or maybe there is something lurking that will shake the market a little. … Read more

Market Bounce In Play?

July 18, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, Despite a couple of bumpy days, the market held up after hotter Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers last week. Could there be a bounce coming? Prices don’t like to stay away from moving averages for too long. Let’s look back at the weekly chart and get some ideas for what a spike higher might look like and how far it could go. Learn how we’re balancing the ups and downs of this market using the Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program that works through … Read more

Market Reacts To CPI

July 14, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, Another hot Consumer Price Index (CPI) reading on Wednesday, but the markets reacted very differently than the last time the numbers were released. Perhaps this indicates that traders are hedged better, or that too many people are on the bear side of the market. Either way, I think we should cautiously take note of how things responded to the CPI and that high inflation might be getting priced into the equation. Take a look at what we’re seeing as this market tosses and turns: Important data releases, … Read more

Staying Ahead Of Bears

July 11, 2022

Hey Market Pilot,While the market appears to be near term bottoming, let’s look at some other stocks that are ahead of the curve. Zoom Video Communications, Inc., (ZM) and Zscaler, Inc., (ZS) have been moving upward for a few weeks, but they have been messy as they oscillate from highs and lows. This could make trading them tricky and confusing, but if you add some trendline signals the story changes and may add some clarity. Here is what that looks like, and don’t be afraid to draw on your charts. … Read more

Chips, Not Copper?

July 7, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, Copper was once known as the “metal with a PhD” because it was a good measure of economic growth since the metal was used widely in the building process (houses, commercial buildings). The price and consumption of copper had a fairly linear correlation to how much building growth was happening. This was also a signal for economic growth. Now that the world is in the technology age, are semiconductors – computer chips in all devices – the new indicator for economic growth? There is so much happening … Read more

Market Set To Light Up?

July 1, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, Happy 4th of July! While there is a lot of talk about the markets being so oversold that we should get a bear market rally, I don’t see the spark to light the kindling yet. The SPY has been going sideways for a couple of weeks now and there are potential signs of a bullish setup. But as I show with other tickers, this could all end up being bear flags as price goes sideways into down trending moving averages like the 50-day simple moving average. Be … Read more

Calling The Pullbacks

June 30, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, Market volatility hasn’t subsided and I’m constantly watching for setups where timing and price open up opportunities to grab a more “normal” trade. The Moxie Indicator™ has been the workhorse for helping find these potential trades. Getting timely alerts helps balance working through both bullish and bearish moves in real-time. Uncertain market movement – like the gap down today to close the quarter – requires traders to have plans for real-time entry and exit setups. Learn how my Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program gets this done. Take a … Read more

Bulls fighting with bears

June 27, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, We’re watching the tops in the market that could be rolling over and catching traders off guard. Don’t get caught when the market is overbought – keep your exits tight. Sticking to shorter time frames and tracking the moving averages, the Moxie Indicator™ is revealing how tickers go from bullish to bearish. Let’s look at the quick “trends” popping up in the market. This market requires traders to have plans for real-time entry and exit setups. Learn how my Moxie Indicator Mastery Program gets this done. Take … Read more

Market Bounced… But Into Resistance?

June 23, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, We got an oversold move on Tuesday, but Wednesday’s action seems to be throwing some cold water on the bulls. So far, this is panning out as expected and I think that if the market is going to move up in a more significant way, it will need to take more time to hammer out a bottom. Your Profit Pilot, TG For more market analysis and real-time entry and exit alerts, join my Moxie Indicator Mastery Program. A trial is now available for your convenience!

Moxie Indicator Kept Us on the Right Side of the Market

June 20, 2022

Hey Market Pilot, Now that the dust has settled from the FOMC meeting, we can confirm that the weak setup I called out in last Thursday’s newsletter was correct and kept us safe from any bad trades. I’ll show you what that looks like and what I am expecting going into next week. Your Profit Pilot, TG For more market analysis and real-time entry and exit alerts, join my Moxie Indicator Mastery Program. A trial is now available for your convenience!


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