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Futures Expose Market

August 19, 2021

Hey Market Pilot,After a few weeks of lackluster activity and moves to the long side stalling, we are finally getting some action this week (even if it’s to the downside). I took the Moxie IndicatorTM members into cash last Friday since the longs I was in just kept melting down slowly and not holding the moving averages as they should have been. There were a few other clues for me as well. One of them was the Short-Term Futures exchange-traded fund (UVXY) starting to move up and hold support. Then … Read more

Under Pressure Market…

August 16, 2021

Hey Market Pilot, Over the weekend I filmed my weekly video review for my Moxie IndicatorTM members. In that video I explained to them how the landscape of the market right now is looking a little dicey. I am seeing new highs, breakouts, and earnings pops get sold into. Uptrends seem to be hitting brick walls and structure just keeps fading. The indexes themselves appear to be masking the deterioration underneath and so it has been difficult to discern what is really going on. One metric I like to use … Read more

Inflation Levels Rising…

August 12, 2021

Hey Market Pilot, All eyes have been on the inflation numbers, both consumer (CPI) and producer (PPI). This is because inflation is an old foe that America has had to fight. If left unchecked, it can get out of hand. We are familiar with the stories in the past from other countries where people were moving money around in wheelbarrows just to purchase a loaf of bread. This is the fear that is ingrained in our memories when we worry about inflation and look for even the slightest hint of … Read more

Is Crypto Our Solution?

August 9, 2021

Hey Market Pilots, With the status of the economy at play every time an economic report comes out, sectors related to its performance have been moving around in all directions. If a report says the economy is weak for example, then value stock and gold rise. If the economy is strong, then growth stocks rise and gold goes down. But what if a strong economy throws in a few other variables like inflation and a strong dollar? In this case, with a recent jobs report, we say that inflation outpaced … Read more

Indexes Still Undecided

August 5, 2021

Hey Market Pilot, The markets have been on fire for months, but that isn’t necessarily the case beneath the surface. Despite the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq trucking along and making new all-time highs, there is a large contingent of tickers not doing well. One thought is that perhaps these stocks are cycling down into better buy points since they had moved up so strongly in 2020. The question is ─ when are those stocks going to come back alive? I think it is going to be based on the … Read more

“RUIE” Season Is Here…

August 2, 2021

Hey Market Pilot, Earnings season is in full swing, and it has been a wild one. We have seen all sorts of reactions out there with very polar results like Amazon (AMZN) down hard but Atlassian Corporation (TEAM) up huge. It’s tough to know exactly which way these binary events will go, so I prefer to stay away until the dust settles. Traders ask me how close to earnings am I willing to hold a stock, and then how soon after am I willing to get back in? If the … Read more

Typical Pullback… Or Not?

July 29, 2021

Hey Market Pilot,  Once again the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) held a meeting. How will this influence the market this time? A few years ago the release of their minutes would mean wild volatility immediately and usually into the daily close. But over the course of time, that volatility has morphed into a relatively calm two hours after the release, and then a surprise move the next day. All of this happens when the FOMC, or Fed, may not even change anything in their statements. They could print the … Read more

Bull Trap Or Rally?

July 26, 2021

Hey Market Pilot, It seems like we are in the time of one-day pullbacks. Despite “bad breadth” and the indexes being held up by a handful of names, all we needed was one stiff day to the downside and that provided enough of an opportunity for buyers to step in and buy the dip ─ hard. I have been contemplating an idea, and I don’t know if it’s true or possible, but here it is. We are all thinking the market is going to roll over and get pulled down … Read more

Wild Swings Makes Cash King

July 22, 2021

Hey Market Pilot, The market has had a few wild swings lately. While the down move was the easier one to catch, staying out of the market during times like these can be a wise option, too. As traders we certainly have an urge and itch to always be in the action and making trades, but if you find yourself losing money then maybe it isn’t your kind of activity. By not losing money, you are actually staying wealthier so it should be viewed as a positive when staying in … Read more

Trend Change Ahead?

July 19, 2021

Hey Market Pilots, We finally got the pullback I have been looking for, but this is only the beginning. We had a dip on July 8, but that dip was bought and price did not get rejected by the 15-minute, 50 simple moving average (SMA). This moving average is what I use to initially see where a move is going. While I was looking for it on July 9, it didn’t happen and therefore no short trade. Then we got another break last week on July 15 and this put … Read more


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