Similar Weekly Patterns Showing Up

While the market has been weak for nearly two months at this point, let’s step back and examine the higher time frames of some notable tickers. It’s always wise to be aware of the greater context of the market, and I am seeing some consistent patterns I want to show you. Join me this October … Read more

Moxie Example TSLA Wasn’t Ready

Welcome to the day after FOMC, where the market has decided to throw a tantrum. As for TSLA, it was a wild day due to some Musk comments that got it jacked up for the day, and then FOMC pulled it back down. While I was on the mic yesterday, I pointed out reasons as … Read more

Another Great Call Inside Moxie

Here is a sneak peek into the Moxie Indicator Trading room and how I told the subscribers to expect $TSLA to pull back from Friday. In addition to that, the market has been weak for so long that I don’t expect anything to change before FOMC. Perhaps that news event will spark something, but we … Read more

Not Interested in the Short Side

Despite the market being lackluster, and even yesterday being weak with the internals, I have not been interested in shorting the overall market. Then on Thursday, things are up! I believe this is proving my stance, and we just need to be patient. As the saying goes, “Don’t short a quiet market”. Have you heard … Read more

Still Sideways

The Market is up this morning, and many names are responding, but I cannot say we are in the clear yet. I lean to the upside, but with CPI and then FOMC around the corner, I am sure the market is also waiting for that information. Have you heard about the live Simpler Trading Summit? … Read more

I Called AAPL Implosion Before It Happened

So, news is out that China is banning iPhone use for government employees, and AAPL is down significantly. Interestingly, I alerted to the Moxie subscribers Wednesday morning before the bell rang that I thought AAPL should move down. Then, as soon as the bell rang, AAPL started to sink all day, with a crescendo this … Read more

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is Monday, and the markets will be closed for the three-day weekend. Be sure to take some time away from the computers and enjoy your friends and family. The market is up on some employment data, and the internals are strong in the first minute of the opening. Will it last? I would … Read more

FXI & DIA Formation Similarities

Even though these two indices are a world apart, the market still produces similar patterns and formations that we can use to trade with. In this video, I show how I informed the Moxie Traders that the FXI should pull back this week and how the DIA is doing a similar setup. My Moxie members … Read more

Basing After 3 Week Pullback

August was all about resetting the internals, which it accomplished rather quickly. We are starting to see many names, including the indexes, find support. So, I lean to the long side, but I think it will take time, and we need to be on guard for change in case the market decides it wants to … Read more

First Bounce

The market finally had its first bounce from an oversold capitulation last Friday. It has been a long time coming, but it finally happened. Now we have to wait and see what the market does about a retest and if that retest is into support or not. After the market ran strong for nearly 3 … Read more