NVDA Lifts The Market

All eyes were on NVDA yesterday as they reported earnings. The news was received well, and NVDA is making new highs which is also helping to propel the indexes higher. Despite this, the market will need to figure out how to digest the pop, since there is now a gap and the internals continue to … Read more

Reviewing Current Big Winners

The market continues to do well despite the big down day on Tuesday from a hot CPI number. Let’s go over several of our great trades so far and show you how they setup with the Moxie indicator. The Las Vegas Traders Expo is next week; looking forward to seeing you there! Click here to … Read more

The Canary Is Singing

A very strong day in the markets continues today, which started Friday. Let me show you what that looked like and all the Hourly Moxie Price Triggers we had fire late last week. The setups were there for the taking if you had the right tools. Join me and my fellow traders from Simpler at … Read more

Bullish Canary in the Coal Mine?

Can it be? Is the IWM going to stay moving up? Let’s take a look and determine if that will be the indication that the market will keep moving up beyond SPX $5,000. Don’t forget to follow me on X for more market insight and other content: https://twitter.com/TG_ProfitPilot Join me and my fellow traders from … Read more

Narrowing Breadth

We are starting to see that breadth has not been keeping up with the major indexes, and divergences have been forming. This means that fewer stocks are participating in this extended rally, which is a warning sign. Let’s dive in. Join me and my fellow traders from Simpler at the Las Vegas Moneyshow! John Carter … Read more

Navigating the IWM Fake Out

FOMC didn’t disappoint this time, and the markets plunged during the event. This is probably due to Powell saying rate cuts would happen later and not in March like the market was looking for. I will also show you how the markets were overbought and then how we navigated the twists and turns of the … Read more

Excellent Moxie Signals Review

The market has continued its push, and there was a fresh round of Hourly Moxie Price Triggers that have been yielding some great results. Let’s review them and show you how well the Moxie Indicator works. Follow me on Twitter, where I post trade ideas and updates on Moxie Signals across many names. Check out … Read more

Moxie Patterns On The Small Caps

We got a bounce in the small caps this week, which started last Friday, but because of the Moxie Indicator, I was able to guide our traders into expecting a pullback. That is starting to kick in, and now we have to wait and see how far down price will move. Was this just a … Read more

Market Making All Time Highs

The market finally pushed through and is making new all-time highs. This is something I was expecting and stated in my 2024 outlook video. We also see the small caps turn around and join the party after diverging and resting for longer than the big caps and tech. Let’s see what that looks like and … Read more

Quick Day Trade Setups

The moves are smaller since the SPY is flagging, but the Moxie Indicator can still help guide you. Let me show you what those signals look like and how to utilize them to determine where the market is going. Follow me on Twitter, where I post Moxie setups I see in the market. Check out … Read more