Cool CPI, Can the Market Hold its Gains?

CPI came out much cooler than expected, and the market popped on that data. By the end of the day, however, there was a lot of selling off. We can’t yet know if that was a sign of real weakness or just the market needing to digest such a big move. Time is needed to … Read more

Market Drifted Higher, Still Found a 0DTE Trade

NVDA has now split and managed to recover from its morning drop. The indexes were able to also shake off their opening drop, but got a little erratic towards the end of the day. I am keeping things close and light going into the FOMC on Wednesday because the market seems to be in a … Read more

Market Weak: How I Made $2,400 in 2.5 Hours

Yesterday seemed odd to me with the markets running higher all day. I think some of it was due to Canada lowering its rates by 25 BPS. I figured the market would relax today, and there could be an opportunity to trade the market sideways. Here is how it went so cleanly. Your Profit Pilot, … Read more

Nearly 700% Gain in a Few Hours

The market had a heck of a day Friday and gave a little more of a gap up at today’s open. One of my Moxie Indicator patterns was staring me in the face, and I knew I had to take a big trade on it. So, I sent out a few 0DTE trades to the … Read more

Moxie Indicator Breakdown

Let’s walk through the Moxie Indicator and how to use it for day trading, swing trading, and position trading stocks, futures, and options! Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins Click here to become a Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program member and receive my daily market analysis! Join us as we track the profit opportunities.

Waited All Week for the Pullback

Well, it finally happened: NVDA earnings and a market pullback. It certainly felt like a ‘buy the rumor, sell the market’ day with everything getting sold off except NVDA. I took two more 0DTE trades and both were profitable, so let me show you what that looked like. For a limited time, get the Moxie … Read more

Recent Trade Setups 05/20/2024

The market is doing well, even though the indexes are bumping up against resistance. There have been several ideal Moxie Indicator setups and trades we have taken in the Moxie Indicator Mastery trading room. Let’s review them. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins

Sneak Peek of the Moxie Room

We have been having a solid week in the Moxie trading room, and today’s posts were spot on about the market taking a breather today. Want to see what is inside if you sign up? Check out this video and you can see how I guide our traders. Your Profit Pilot, TG Watkins Click here … Read more

Meme Stocks vs. CPI

GME, AMC, and numerous other junk stocks popped off today with the return of Roaring Kitty (the guy that got the GME short squeeze started). But the overall market indexes are looking a little weak as PPI and CPI start tomorrow. The technicals say a pullback is due, but will the economic news offset that? … Read more