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Bulls fighting with bears

Hey Market Pilot, We’re watching the tops in the market that could be rolling over and catching traders off guard. Don’t get caught when the market is overbought – keep your exits tight. Sticking to shorter time frames and tracking the moving averages, the Moxie Indicator™ is revealing how tickers go from bullish to bearish. … Read more

Market Bounced… But Into Resistance?

Hey Market Pilot, We got an oversold move on Tuesday, but Wednesday’s action seems to be throwing some cold water on the bulls. So far, this is panning out as expected and I think that if the market is going to move up in a more significant way, it will need to take more time … Read more

Moxie Indicator Kept Us on the Right Side of the Market

Hey Market Pilot, Now that the dust has settled from the FOMC meeting, we can confirm that the weak setup I called out in last Thursday’s newsletter was correct and kept us safe from any bad trades. I’ll show you what that looks like and what I am expecting going into next week. Your Profit … Read more

Fed Raises Rates 75 bps Instead of 50

Hey Market Pilot, The Fed was more aggressive than expected on the interest rate raise yesterday, and we aren’t quite sure how the markets feel about it yet. We’ll wait and see if the market continues to be bearish despite price being oversold, do keep in mind things CAN keep getting oversold. In the video … Read more

CPI Coming in Hot!

Hey Market Pilot, Friday we got the CPI report and it came in at 1% instead of an expected 0.7%. The markets, and the economy, definitely don’t like this and it means the Fed will continue to tighten. In the video below, I’ll show you the Moxie signs that lead up to the market drop … Read more

Another Direction To Consider

Hey Market Pilot, A lot of traders have been looking at the Market flagging for the last several days and leaning towards it resolving up. But what if it doesn’t? In the video below I give you another direction to consider and why. Your Profit Pilot, TG For more market analysis and real-time entry and … Read more

Not Worth Trading?

Hey Market Pilot, With thousands of tickers and limited capital, traders like myself need to be picky about the setups we choose to pursue. Identifying good setups is a necessary skill, but recognizing when a setup is not worth your time is equally important. That’s why I like to use the phrase “not my trade.” … Read more

Did We Bottom Out?

Hey Market Pilot, Last week as we headed into the three-day weekend the market saw a nice short squeeze. Now, we are all wondering if we can keep the momentum to the upside going… In the video above, I’ll cover… A deep-dive into last week’s market sentiment My analysis of this current short squeeze Why … Read more

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey Market Pilot, The weather is getting nice up here in Washington state; just in time for a long 3 day weekend. While we may not normally think anything of long holidays, sometimes they are for extra special reasons. Reasons we should remember while in our boat, at the BBQ, or watching the kids roll … Read more

Traction In Market?

Hey Market Pilot, The market is finally seeing some momentum to the upside. However, given the volatility we have been experiencing, I’m still urging caution. In the video above, I’ll cover… FOMC minutes recap An explanation of the SPY’s “undercut” price action and why it’s a “bear trap” My thoughts as to whether we are … Read more