All Eyes on the TNX

Bonds and interest rates have been very important to the market and its direction. I am possibly seeing some longer-term trend shifts, but I cannot confirm them yet. However, in the near term, the Moxie indicator called the pullback in the TNX with great accuracy. Let’s check it out. Click here to become a Moxie … Read more

We Have Seen This Picture Before

Is it different this time? The market had a few nice up days, but I am not confirmed to the long side with the market yet. I’ll show you some of the reasons that have me concerned. Click here to become a Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program member and receive my daily market analysis! Join us … Read more

FOMC Boom and Bust

FOMC day did not disappoint yet again! There was volatility to the downside the day before, a short squeeze during the Fed meeting, and then an implosion right after the meeting. It has been a wild ride, but we have been clicking on some great trades. Let’s dive in and walk through how we made … Read more

TSLA Still Ripping

The indexes are in an area where I expect them to slow a bit and hopefully turn downward, so we can get more clarity and opportunities from the markets. Meanwhile, TSLA is still having a good time from the news of them working on a more affordable vehicle. Let’s see how that looks and where … Read more

Inside the Moxie Trading Room

The market has been full of twists and turns this week, but that is ok because I have been guiding the traders as to where I think prices will go and how. Want to see it for your own eyes? Watch this video and I will show you the exact alerts for how I am … Read more

Internals Say the Market is Ready to Bounce

It has been a big down move for the markets over the last couple weeks, but all that is doing is letting air out of an inflated market. We saw this coming and setting up to the downside for a few weeks. I call these setups “Inverse Trampolines”. They were all over the place, flashing … Read more

Market Update 4/15/2024

It is time for another market update since the uptrend has ended, and we need to see how that all started. Be careful with your account right now, since volatility is rising and the market is declining. Click here to become a Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program member and receive my daily market analysis! Join us … Read more

Market Still Chopping and Flagging

The SPY and QQQ are pulling back slightly. They don’t show that much damage has happened, but beneath the surface, most tickers are pulling back significantly or flagging for a longer period of time. The market is due for a rest, and we need to be patient for that. Let’s take a look and see … Read more

Market Taking a Breather

I believe we are finally seeing the market take a breather after its incredible run since November. This does not mean sell everything, and in fact, we are seeing healthy rotation into industrials and commodities. Perhaps this will spark the inflation topic again, but our job is to find the strength. Dive in with me … Read more