When do divergences matter?

Hey Market Pilots, As the market climbs higher and higher, we continue to wonder just how long this can be sustained. Many of us have been proven wrong in the recent past when we tried to short the market but it just kept going up despite our indicators. Since then, I have directed our subscribers … Read more

Fish out of water

Often times trying to short a top or pinpoint the exact moment that price is going to roll over and start a new downtrend is extremely difficult. This is because tops are messy and bounce a lot as larger traders try to unload their shares and others are trying to continue the long run. Comparatively, … Read more

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey Market Pilots, As a trader, I have grown accustomed to having access to my money and the ability to liquidate my positions at a moment’s notice. It’s a major factor in why I like trading as an investment vehicle. I don’t have to wait for someone to be interested in my property, worry if … Read more

The digital money printer

Hey Market Pilots, The last week’s worth of market movement has been intense in both directions and driven based on two different statements from the same person: the Fed chairman, Jerome Powell. It began on May 12th when Powell said in an interview that the recovery of the economy was going to be longer and … Read more

Road maps

Hey Market Pilots, While we know that 80% of stocks follow the market, I have found that the path of individual stocks can act as a sort of road map for the future of the market itself. For example: The SPY is between the 50 and 200 Simple Moving Averages on both the Daily and … Read more

Recognize your FOMO

I’ll be honest, I was feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) last week and this week. Numerous stocks were popping from earnings reports, which is a whole different article, and stocks like AAPL just kept grinding upwards. I had several subscribers ask me my opinion about AAPL and where it was going to go. I … Read more

Will there be resistance overhead?

All week the market had crawled up no matter what news came out about the economy or virus. We all have first and second hand experience about what damage is being caused along with the ripple effects that are waiting in the wings.

SPY where do we go from here?

The markets this week have started off strong after last week’s dip and consolidation. Many, including myself, were looking at the short side last week since the S&P (SPY) was coming into a down trending daily 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA). Often this Moving Average (MA) is significant and results in a hard bounce or … Read more

Coronavirus – Worse News for the US Economy?

TG Watkins of Simpler Trading discusses the economic impact of Coronavirus both in China and the US. Looking from a market perspective, how will this slowdown affect American companies such as Tesla ($TSLA) and Apple ($AAPL)?