SPCE: up 52% in 17 days

Hey Market Pilots, This write up is about how you may have to strike more than once to get the right entry and then how it became one of the my most picture perfect setups of July. Back on June 22nd, SPCE broke news of them getting some contract from NASA and its volume went … Read more

Three reasons the market rallied after massive drop

Hey Market Pilots, This week began quite nicely with the market opening with a gap up on Monday the 13th. However, that elation and satisfaction was short-lived and brutally squashed by a massive liquidation break in the middle of the day. Few were spared but tech got hit the hardest. Let me show you a … Read more

Learning to anticipate the market

Hey Market Pilots, On June 30th I wrote a piece about the SPY coming into the Daily 50 SMA and how we know when the bounce would be confirmed. I described how price can sometimes bounce exactly off a moving average or push a little past it before moving up. For my style of trading, … Read more

Account size doesn’t matter

Hey Market Pilots, New traders often ask me how much money do they need to have to be able to trade. My first answer is “none” because I suggest they paper trade before using real money. If for no other reason than to learn how to use the platform and avoid pushing the wrong button. … Read more

SPY double bottom bounce

Hey Market Pilots, Last week we had an exact double bottom bounce, which also coincided with a bounce off the Daily 50 SMA. This made for a very strong 4-day run into the 4th of July holiday, giving us traders fireworks of our own. The setup was also boosted by good economic numbers that came … Read more

Want independence via trading?

Hey Market Pilots, Happy (almost) 4th of July! This holiday is all about America’s independence as its own country, making decisions for the promise of a better future. Sound familiar? It should. Most traders around the globe are attracted to the markets for the same reason: independence. More to the point, we want to be … Read more

Bounce off the 50 Anatomy

The drop right after the June 10th FOMC meeting was fairly obvious for me to see and Moxie subscribers were able to take advantage. We took off most long positions and then went long UVXY for some insurance which turned out to pay handsomely. The market is now testing that low again, but this time … Read more

Stock Market DVR

Hey Market Pilots, How is a new trader supposed to learn to trade other than looking at historical charts or experiencing it live, one day at a time? In the old days, these were the only two options and while studying historical charts has been the most common, I believe it presents some gaps when … Read more

Right stock, wrong time

Hey Market Pilots, You can be right on a stock, but wrong on the timing. And sometimes things just happen that you have no control over no matter how good the setup is… Let me explain what I mean.  One particular trade that comes to mind recently is QTT and my favorite Moxie Trampoline setup. … Read more

Happy Father’s Day

Hey Market Pilots, Yesterday was Father’s Day so I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about my dad and how he got me into trading. You all are reading this because my dad was the one who exposed me to the world of trading when I was small enough to … Read more