This weekend only

Hey Market Pilots,

Sometimes the market is poetic. Those who have been around the markets for awhile know that a stock split can create a lot of false hype and that the savvy traders use the actual split event as an opportunity to sell their gains to the uninitiated. 

We saw exactly this with TSLA and AAPL.

Then the market sells off the two days before the long Labor Day weekend holiday. Who would want to hold large long positions in an extremely extended market over an extended weekend?

The timing of all this was just so poetic and perfect. 

As a way to help celebrate the Labor Day weekend, not only am I 100% in cash, we are also offering the Moxie Indicator at a discount for this weekend only. I created Moxie a few years ago and it has been the tool that got me to where I am today and has helped so many others succeed in the markets, coupled with my teachings on how to use it properly.

This massive drop in the market was not a surprise. But in case I wasn’t paying attention, my Moxie indicator let me know that the UVXY, a volatility ETF that helps me determine the fear level of the market, was starting to build strength. You can see in the screenshot below, that the Moxie Price Trigger fired a few weeks ago and had been getting bigger by the day. Then we saw the chart of UVXY start to build. This was a massive warning about the likelihood of a severe market pullback.

The Moxie Stock Method is so crucial to me and my trading, that I would be seriously handicapped without it. All of my insight is derived from what it communicates to me. Because of this, I want you all to be able to have it and apply it to your trading style. Come get it, this weekend through labor day only. Use code SUMMER at checkout for 20% off and join me in the excitement.

Over and Out,

Your Profit Pilot.


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