Setting, Achieving Goals…

Hey Market Pilot,

Welcome to 2022!

It’s a new year, so does that mean we make a bunch of promises to ourselves which we will likely let fade away in a few months? Heck, maybe a few weeks? I like the notion of New Year’s resolutions, but I also know the reality of how making too many big changes can be difficult to keep.

I am more of the type where every day or every week I try to stick to what is best practices for me, and if along the way I find something that needs tweaking, then I’ll adjust. Usually, I make notes to myself about that adjustment and start implementing it into my routine so that it becomes the new normal.

Why wait an entire year to make that change? Life is incremental. Look at the development of mankind. We have to build upon the previous development in order to keep pushing forward and growing. Of course, there are leapfrog moments, but it’s usually one step at a time which gets us to our goals.

So this year, make those resolutions if you want. Keep them attainable to help get you started. And perhaps have a set of stretch goals that you can keep on your list (and yes, lists are great so we can keep seeing what we promised ourselves) for you to accomplish over the course of the year. If you fade away from a resolution and realize it, then work your way back to it.

Not much happens in a straight line, and we as traders know that best.

Your Profit Pilot, TG


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