Rapid Learning With Market ‘DVR’

Hey Market Pilots,

Sometimes the market gets into a funk and just isn’t very conducive for trading certain styles. That has been the case for my momentum-based swing trade style. Instead of just twiddling my thumbs all day while I wait it out, I practice to keep myself engaged and sharp.

One way that I practice is reviewing my past trades and making notes on what went right and what went wrong. This helps solidify your rules and techniques for future trades. Make some notes on the charts, screen capture them, save them to a file, and maybe even print them out for tangible reference.

The other thing I love to do while waiting out the market is to use the “On-Demand” feature of thinkorswim®. It’s the DVR equivalent for the stock market and I can compress so much activity into less time. Since I am an end-of-day trader, the On-Demandfunction is really handy as I can move along one day at a time, make a decision, and get a few months covered in minutes. This compressed training and review  shortens the learning curve and allows me to see the life cycle of a setup and move in rapid fashion.

(The On-Demand feature is so crucial to my learning, I’ve written an in-depth article about it HERE.)

By doing this, you may surprise yourself at how long (days and weeks) it takes for a move to set up until it is finally ready to go. This helps you put into context how much patience you may need as a move develops.

Your Profit Pilot, TG.

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