What I’m looking at next week

Hey Market Pilots,

It has been a heck of a week for us in the market as February seasonal weakness appears to be kicking in. There was a flurry of activity on 2/10/21 due to the market liquidation break, which actually produced my first double million dollar account gain (you can catch the summary of that here). Then the markets started to pullback as interest rates began to spike up and put some negative pressure on the small caps.

For my style of trading, it is time to reassess and look for some fresh opportunities because I don’t think the market is finished pulling back yet and some of the hot sectors I was mining seemed to have cooled off last week. So where am I looking?

Well some of the bigger names appear to have strength as market rotation appears to be kicking in and investors may have lost their ravenous appetite for the speculative high fliers for now. 

Here is a short list of what interests me this week and next as I gear up for my live trading sessions, as part of the 5 hour, deep-dive Moxie class I just completed over the weekend.











If you are interested in learning more about how I trade and see the markets from an engineer’s perspective,  there is still time to check out the recording of the class and join us for the live trading sessions in March.

Let’s see how the week starts and what names will be the ones I choose to put my money on.

Over and Out,

Your Profit Pilot.


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