Happy President’s Day!

Hey Market Pilot,

Happy President’s Day! Hopefully, you all are enjoying your three-day weekend away from the market and enjoying the life you have built for yourself. Some of you are spending it with friends or family, some are working on a hobby, and others are taking the extra time to do some research or OnDemand practice in the market.

When I first think about President’s Day, what comes to mind is thinking about George Washington as our first president, celebrated on his birthday. Or thinking about the job our presidents have and that it can be a very difficult role. Therefore we should give them a day to honor their commitments and hard work.

But upon further reflection over the years, I view President’s Day as more of an American holiday to celebrate our democracy and the fact that we have presidents. We should be celebrating that we can choose our leader and can have a peaceful changing of power from one party to the other. I believe we are celebrating the structure that makes America unique and it started with George Washington.

So, as with many of our holidays that give us a longer weekend, let us look deeper at what the holiday is and why we are celebrating it. These holidays are what help give our country its character. 

Your Profit Pilot, TG


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