Happy Labor Day!

Hey Market Pilots,

Today is Labor Day and the stock market is closed which means we get to enjoy a three-day weekend to refresh and regroup. Labor Day weekend is a time to remember the American workforce which has had its trials and tribulations over more than a century as it has made a lot of progress for the well-being of workers going into the future. Where we are today and the benefits that we get to enjoy came as a result of the hard work that generations before us have fought for through many trying times. We should remember that we can be the generation for the future as well, so we need to always strive to do better and make a better world for those who come after us.

It’s always nice to have a long weekend away from the market to de-stress, study a little, and maybe even review some past trades. But over this weekend as we are nearing the end of summer hopefully you get to spend some time outdoors and with the ones you care about. It has been a tough several months in the market and we need to be sure to find the bright spots. So if there has been something fun you have been meaning to do, this weekend might be a great time for that.

For me, that means having more completely open days than usual to work on some bigger projects and then getting in the boat to do some wake surfing at the end as a reward for a productive weekend. Have fun everybody, see you tomorrow.

Your Profit Pilot, TG
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