Finally, a pullback

Hey Market Pilots,

We finally got a pullback in the market after one of the craziest weeks I have ever experienced. We all know about the Game Stop (GME) and Reddit vs Melvin battle going on, all while the market was tiring and wanting to roll over. 

We even managed to get in on some of the ancillary action. Here are some Moxie room testimonials:

Beachbound said “I’m satisfied with a 2 day 254% gain on $EXPR. Cashed out. Thanks @TG!!!”

Tom A said  “@TG Both $FOSL and $GOOS running just like you said Friday at close. Thank you”

And Tatiana said “@TG closed 3/4 of my position in EXPR for 140%, 550% and 1528%, still holding last one for the run”

The UVXY told us for weeks that something was about to happen in the fact it didn’t want to go any lower and that volume had been at an increased level. I had also been directing my Moxie subscribers that we were starting to see undeniable negative divergences with the Moxie Indicator and I made my case throughout the indexes.

When I started to see that it was time to really take in the profits we had and protect our accounts, I made it very clear that something was lurking and about to happen. I guide like this because there are many savvy traders in the Moxie room who trade tickers that I am not directly alerting about, so I want to make sure they are aware of what I see coming and they can make their own adjustments.

We do this all while having fun and in an energetic atmosphere with subscribers who are really becoming like friends to me. The lightheartedness even carries through to the terms I use for trade setups and my ability to see moves before they happen.

Sean in Ireland said “@TG I am getting really suspicious with you. First your elf shoes, and now the fourth time with you calling the top. You must be a Wizard, are you Harry Potter’s cousin?”

To those in the Moxie room, I appreciate you, I value your support, and you motivate me to be the best trader I can be.

Over and Out,

Your Profit Pilot.


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