Doubling my account in 12 days

Hey Market Pilots,

Today, I’m going to keep my writing to you short and to the point, because I’ll be hosting a free webinar tonight, 7:00 pm CT to further discuss the topic of this newsletter.

It has been an incredible November with the market being fueled by real vaccine news. The risk-on type names started coming alive in big ways and I was well-positioned to take advantage of them. Those who subscribe to MoxieTrader were also along for the ride with their accounts growing on average 50% to 75% in 12 days. This is amazingly absurd for stock only trades, but I’ll happily take it.

Here is what some of them had to say…

Shake: @TG as of today my account is up 72% this month all because of the fantastic picks,, thanks so much and keep it up please 🙂

Kirk: @TG Thanks, TG, and Happy Thanksgiving! Very grateful for all your help as my Moxie account is also +50% the past 11 days

I was impressed to see the winning streak carry all the way through the Thanksgiving week including the half session on Friday. The market looks strong overall, but when things get overheated, a pullback is needed. Always be prepared for that kind of action no matter how well you are doing. But as of right now, I have doubled my account in 12 days using only stock, no options.

Here are two of the accounts I trade, one bigger, one smaller, and very similar performance.

Given enough time, practice, and exposure, the likelihood of catching a few big moves is certainly there. November happened to be that time for me and you only need a few amazing trades to really change things in your life. This is why we are here, in the markets.

Join me tonight, as I further explain how I was able to see the sector rotation before it happened, and where I see similar opportunities arising.

Over and Out,

Your Profit Pilot.


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