A gain with RIOT

Hey Market Pilots,

The last few days have been amazing. Not only did I have my second best trading day with an $80,000 gain in a single day, I also got to spend Saturday with traders who were eager to learn. August 8th was the day of my Moxie Class, COVID edition, where I spent five hours teaching a large group of traders who find my style of trading appealing and insightful. It is beyond rewarding to know that the years of struggle I had trying to learn how to trade and losing money, is now coming back around and helping so many other shortcut that difficult learning curve.

Because of the way my engineering brain works, and my mechanical aptitude, I come at the market in a way that not many do. This is what I believe resonates with others so much and why subscribers say that they now see the markets in a way that was unclear before.

Enough with the adolations. Let me show you a slide from the class which gave me a nice 5% account gain on August 5th.

RIOT was actually a fairly tricky stock to trade before it became obvious. I had tried twice and got stopped out, only to have it then explode the very next day. Quite aggravating, but that’s just how the market is sometimes. After that sneaky move, it actually gave one of my best and clearest signals: The Trampoline Setup. I was able to buy some on 7/31/20 and was rewarded the next day with a 30% and 46% gain. I took my quick gains and said thank you to the stock which had nabbed me twice before.

Then I had many subscribers reach out and ask if I had seen the move in RIOT and if there was something to do about it. I said I was aware and that I would do my best to find a trade for us. I had to wait a day and let RIOT settle down, but by the end of 8/4/20 I saw the setup.

I sent out an alert to the Moxie Subscribers, told them it was risky but that if it was going to work it would be right away or not at all. So we venture in. Once again, the very next day, we were greeted with an instantaneous 26% gain. I waited a couple hours to see where price would go, and we phased out of the position, capturing solid gains for the day.

RIOT quickly faded into the afternoon, but did pop one last time the next day. This pop was more tame at 10% which also quickly faded shortly after the open. Since then, price has collapsed as the moves were caught were all it had for this moment. 

So take a look at the screen shot, see what you can glean from it and see that we caught the last good move, right on time, of this round. If you find my annotations insightful or helpful in any way, then come sign up for the replay of the class and you can learn more about it in depth. And  if you find that really interesting, then join me for the 4 live trading days I have lined up over the next 2 weeks where we can take all that knowledge and apply it, real time, to actual trades. Hope to see you there.

Over and Out,

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